We evaluate/design/develop/operate/and manage new small e-commerce companies/web divisions.

Means unless there is something to sell (or sales leads to get) via the web - in a very, very narrow niche - it’s not our cup of tea.

Our folks have been doing it for a long time – since before encryption made secure transactions possible – almost since the ‘beginning of time’ on the web. We’re USA based – FTC compliant.

In years past, we invested in some good web properties that still pay us residual income. Today we’re not so ambitious – and our interest is only in smaller companies. The big guys have their own staffs and we’re no longer interested in corporate rat races and committees. Any and all of our work is strictly confidential.

We may be offered two or three opportunities a week to evaluate. But we only undertake the development of two or three web businesses (or web divisions for existing companies) a year.

That’s why we’re called the ‘quiet company’. We don’t advertise for new clients. We don’t win design awards for our web sites/portals. We don’t even enter the contests. We sell stuff – cost effectively.

So if you have an idea for an e-commerce company – or you’re not happy with your current web division’s results – send us an email.

Tell us what you sell – your annual sales/turnover. If you have a web site – tell us your URL and sales via your current online efforts.

We’ll be happy to have a discussion – as well as provide some very candid feedback. We work with people all over the world - so if we can’t help - we may be able to point you in the right direction. Fair?

ThePacificaCompanies.com – the very quiet ecommerce people

Profitable E-Commerce
It only looks easy

Have them ALL – or have NOTHING

You have to have EACH Module done
well and working together - or
all you really have are useless web related expenses and small sales

And that’s what lots of companies have

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